We are specialized for sheet pile and boar pile for foundation and shoring installation H. Beam. We offer a comprehensive range of piling solutions designed to meet all kinds of requirements and provide effective solutions for many piling projects 

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Suction pump

         A.S.PT Offshore operates its own suction pump spreads for the installation of suction piles and SEA from shallow (3m) to deep water (5m).

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Professional personnel

A.S.P.T  has well maintain Equipment’s  and  high skilled staff and professional personnel, experienced offshore and onshore installation crews. Furthermore,

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Self installing

A.S.P.T is also specialized in self  installing platforms (SIPs) for the development of marginal oil and gas fields and suction embedded anchors (SEA) for the mooring of floating units (FPSOs, MOPUs, buoys,FSUs, etc), sub sea structures and sub sea  pipelines.

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A.S.P.Tprovides foundation engineering, including piling, retention systems, ground improvement, reservoir construction, and drainage systems. Piling Contractors offers solutions to civil, commercial, government, and domestic clients in U A E

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